Kobe Shujakuan

  Kobe Shujakuan

“Tea – Bringing us Together”

In Japan, studying and practicing a traditional Japanese tea ceremony is a relaxing and refreshing way for us to spend time. We are delighted to extend to you the opportunity to do the same with us at “Shujakuan”, our traditional tea ceremony room. You can experience the tranquility of a 450 year old tradition and it is our sincere hope that you will take away with you a special memory that will last you a lifetime.

Introducing “Kobe Shujakuan” - Our Traditional Tea Room

This traditional Japanese Tea Room named “Shujakuan” is conveniently located near the Sumiyoshi River in Kobe City, a short walk from either JR Sumiyoshi or Hanshin Uozaki Station. The kanji for “Shujakuan” conveys the image of a small bird that is moving about without a care or soaring freely in the clear blue sky and this is how we want our guests to feel when they are in the tea room. “Shujakuan” has been architecturally designed in the true traditional style, with clay walls, a natural wood ceiling, tatami flooring and fusuma sliding doors. “Shujakuan” has been creatively integrated into a modern condominium so you can experience traditional Japan alongside the conveniences of modern day living.


  • Course A – Traditional Japanese Tea Ceremony

    Take part in a traditional Japanese Tea Ceremony and learn about the customs associated with it in English performed by Ms. Soyu Tsutsui, an Omotesenke Certified Tea Master in the comfort of her traditional tea room. Enjoy drinking Japanese Tea (Macha) with traditional Japanese Sweets (Wagashi).

  • Course B – Chaji -Tea Ceremony with a Course Menu

    Includes Course A and you will learn about the customs associated with it and the dishes in a “Chaji”. You can enjoy a traditional Japanese course meal that compliments the tea ceremony, along with Japanese Sake.

  • Course C – Kimono Experience

    This unique opportunity to wear the highest quality hand-made silk Kimono’s designed by respected Kimono artisans. Ms. Soyu Tsutsui will help you select the kimono that most suits you, and dress you. You can then take your own photos in our authentic tea room.


2-6-23 Sumiyoshi Higashimachi
Higashi Nada Ku Kobe 658-0052

  • 神戸「朱雀庵」
  • 神戸「朱雀庵」
  • 神戸「朱雀庵」
  • 神戸「朱雀庵」